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Radiation Protection Thyroid Lead Collar

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Lead Collar for Thyroid Protection.

Brand: Protech – USA


A thyroid guard or thyroid shield is a lead collar that wraps around your neck to block the radiation that’s generated in making X-ray images. Minimize increased x-ray exposure risks for all medical staff with proper thyroid radiation protection. The thyroid is very sensitive to the effects of radiation and thyroid conditions can have serious health impacts. Lead thyroid collars prevent harmful exposure to this sensitive gland. Hi-MED has the widest range of the highest quality of radiation protection thyroid shields available and our x-ray protection is the preferred choice for hospitals, medical practices and imaging centers. In addition to traditional lead thyroid shields we also offer lightweight lead thyroid shields and even lead free thyroid shield protection.

Radiation Protection

  • Core Protection – Standard 0.50 Lead (Pb) Equivalence
  • Core Material Options – Lead (ST), Light-weight lead (TL), Lead-free (SU)


  • Lead Equivalent 0.5mm
  • Velcro Adjustable.
  • CE marked.
  • 2 – Year Warranty.



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