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Mobile X-ray Machine 100mA

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JP-100M Medical 100mA Mobile X-Ray Machine


Used in ward and emergency treatment room for radiography.

Combined x ray generator.

Single focus,bridge rectification.

It is precise,safe,reliable and flexible.

Romote control device(control range≥5m)is used

Main Characteristics:

  •  Single table and single tube
  •  Design according to the electric mechanism of middle-size machine ,The function is reasonable.
  • The high-tension system is of  march-past  structure. Equipped with a full wave rectification high-voltage generator and independent X-ray tube unit, with large output power and reliable and stable operation
  • Supply voltage (V), roentgenoscopy, radiography (KV) and step less adjustable.
  • Equipped with the manostat for filament of X-ray tube and the space charge compensator as to ensure the  stable and accurate output.
  • Equipped with the capacity limitation and protection circuit and KV , mA’S interlock limitation and protection
  •  Adopt the digital circuit timer, grade according to R10 priority coefficient and can control time exactly,
  •  Diagnostic table is of electric back rotation and is equipped with vibrating filter-ray device
  •  The spot film device of luminescent screen can hold the film jacket of various sizes and can make the  photography of full-film and two sectional films separately.
  • The column  has the bottom track only, which is easy while installation.

Main Technical Parameter :

X-ray generator Stationary anode,single focus and bridge silicon rectification,The X-ray generator is an oil-immersed self-colled unit
Max rated capacity Current 15mA 30mA 60mA 100mA
Voltage 90Kvp 90Kvp 90Kvp 80Kvp
Time 6.3s 6.3s 4.0s 3.2s
Power supply Voltage: 180-240V
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: not lower then 7kVA
Resistance: not larger then 1Ω
Voltage adjustment range of x-ray tube 50-90Kvp
Range of the timer 0.08-6.3s
Distance between the focus to the ground 700-1780 mm
X-ray tube focus transverse rotation ±60°
Specification of X-ray tube Model XD 4 2.9/100 fixed anode,single focus 1.8/4.3mm



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