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Medical Diagnostics X-Ray Machine 300mA.

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Main parameters:

  • Max mA: 300mA
  • Max Voltage: 125Kv


  • Single Table with Single Tube.
  • Various Radiography Functions.
  • Satisfying the general Clinic Use.
300mA,Professional Radiography X‐ray machine
Standard Configuration:·         Standard Configuration:·         1 2G902 generator,·         set of SC1F‐125KV X‐ray tube,·         1 KFIII‐300 controller,·         1 CDG1 multi‐ functional radiography table,·         1 YS127 high‐voltage cable·         1 YS11S manual collimator
Parameter Specification
Generator kVp Range 50-125KV,adjustable
Tube Current range: 25-300mA ,
Capacity 30KVA
Loading time range 0.03-5S
Xray Tube Double focus spot 1×1 ,2×2
The anode Rotating speed 2800r/min
Thermal capacity, KHU 140KHU
Collimator   Manual leafy type rectangular radiation field Manual
continuous adjustment Yes
Intensity of  illumination acuity ≥100 lx
Radiography Size 5″×7″,8″×10″,10″×12″,11″×14″,12″×15″,14″×14″,14″×17″
Radiography Table  Grid Rate:10:1
Grid density:40L/cm,
Focusing distance:100cm
Mobile range:≥640mm
Table movement vertical:1270mm,cross:216mm
Tube movement Around the cross arm:±180°,around longitudinalaxis rotation±90°Vertical stroke≥1130mm
The break of the table Electromagnetic locking
Column movement Body rotate≥180°,each 90°localize,The verticaltravel of worktable:1500mm
Lifting Range 1480mm
Radiography Specification 8″x10″~14″x17″
Fixed Grids Convergence Distance, 180cm
Grid Ratio: 10:1,
Grid Density: 40L/cm



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