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Medical Diagnostics X-Ray Machine 200mA.

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Medical Diagnostics 200mA X-Ray Machine.

Model: YZ-200mA

Single-table / Single-tube
Rotary anode X-ray tube unti and tangential annular tube head.
Single-phase full wave rectification high-voltage generator.
Power voltage (V) radiograph kilovolt (KV) .Step-less control electric mechanism.
Filament stabilizer for X-ray tube and space charge complementor 
Radiograph volume KV mA and S. grading and interlock protection (for more accurately controlling time )
HT primary, the zero controlled circuit of silicon-controlled rectifier of heavy power
Radiographic table can move in length and breath.
The radiographic table,column and vibrating grid are in a whole without ceiling and floor rails bottom.

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Demand of power supply Capacity 30KVA(Two-phase 30KVA)
Voltage frequency 380V/220V ±10% 50HZ ±0.5HZ
Internal resistance 0.75 Ω(380V) 0.25Ω(220V)
Power suppy Adjustable range ±10% at 380V,220±10% AT 220V being adjustable continuously
Radiograph Voltage 50-100KV being adjustable continuously
Current Small focus:50mA 100mA,Big focus:50mA 100mA 150mA 200mA
Time 0.04-6.35s 23grades together grading according to R10 coefficient
HT generator Capacity 20KVA(instantaneous)
  Max DC output voltage 100KV
  Max DC output currency 200mA
X-ray tube Model XD51.20-40/100
  Focus Small focus:1x1mm,Big focus:2x2mm
Radiographic table width xheight of bed surface 2000mm x 665mm x700mm
Moving range of bed surface 640mm in lengh,200mmin breadth
Ray-fillter of bed Traval in length 500mm
Grid density N=28
Convergence distance f.=100cm
Grid ratio r=8



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