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Summit Doppler LifeDop 350 Series

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Brand: Cooper Surgical – USA.


The LifeDop® 350 is a convenient tabletop Doppler with enhanced features for more efficient detection and blood flow monitoring. It has a large heart rate display, rechargeable batteries, and accepts all LifeDop non-directional probes.

Enhanced features include:

Excellent sound/high fidelity speaker with louder output.

  • Improved ergonomics and overall appearance.
  • Two probe holders for multiple applications.
  • User accessible batteries.
  • Improved stand and wall mounting.

Part Numbers

L350R-SD2 – LifeDop Tabletop Doppler with 2 MHz Probe.
L350R-SD3 – LifeDop Tabletop Doppler with 3 MHz Probe.
L350R-SDE – LifeDop Tabletop Doppler with 5 MHz Transvaginal Probe.
L350R-SDW – LifeDop Tabletop Doppler with 2 MHz Waterproof Probe.
K310 – Wall Mount for Added Convenience and Security for L350R.
K220 – Convenient Roll Stand with Storage Basket for L350R.



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