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Mityvac Vacuum-Assisted Delivery System

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Vacuum-Assisted Delivery System.

Brand: Cooper Surgical USA


The Mystic II Vacuum Assisted Delivery System incorporates the same trusted features of the Mityvac system in a simple, one-piece design. Mystic II is available in low-profile M-Style®  Mushroom® Cup and MitySoft® Bell Cup options. Both designs feature a freely rotating handle and semi-rigid stem that will not transfer torsion to fetal head, helping to ensure safety and efficacy while allowing the physician to control the device without assistance.

Safety is Our 1st Priority.


Gentle and effective

Semi-rigid mushroom-style cup with new low-profile stem provides smoother insertion for non-OA presentations. Safe, atraumatic design of the Mystic MitySoft® Bell cup design ensures mom’s comfort and baby’s safety. Natural grip provides reliable and comfortable performance for the clinician.

Easy to use

Unparalleled pump action creates vacuum with minimal effort. Easy-to-read color-coded vacuum gauge.
Mini-grip handle contoured for smaller hands and grip spans for better control with traction.

Superior control

Easy-to-reach vacuum release valve improves clinician control. Ergonomic design allows intuitive handling. Freely rotating cup minimizes torsion-related injuries.


Extended stem and low-profile cup make Mystic II appropriate for both cesarean and vaginal deliveries.
Available in the most popular cup styles (MitySoft Bell or M-Style Mushroom).
Offered as a self-contained unit with hand pump, or with separate accessory compressor pump.

Self Limiting

Mystic II’s is specially designed vacuum will not exceed 5 cmHg (580 mm Hg).

Part Numbers

10057 – Mystic II Pump with M-Style Mushroom Cup (12/Box)

10058 – Mystic II Pump with MitySoft Bell Cup (12/Box)



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