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X-ray Screen

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The  function performed by the intensifying screen is to absorb the x-ray beam (energy) emerging from the patient’s body. The ideal intensifying screen would absorb all x-ray energy that enters it; real intensifying screens are generally not thick enough to absorb all of the photons. As we discuss later, increasing the thickness of an intensifying screen to increase its absorption capabilities degrades image quality.

In most cases, a significant portion of x-ray energy is not absorbed by the screen material and penetrates the receptor. This is wasted radiation since it does not contribute to image formation and film exposure. The absorption efficiency is the percentage of incident radiation absorbed by the screen material. An ideal screen would have a 100% absorption efficiency; actual screens generally have absorption efficiencies less than 100%.  Absorption efficiency is primarily determined by three factors: (1) screen material, (2) screen thickness, and (3) the photon energy spectrum.


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  • 6.5×8.5
  • 8×10
  • 10×12
  • 12×15
  • 14×14
  • 14×17
  • And all mix Sizes



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