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Summit Doppler LifeDop 150 Series

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Summit Doppler LifeDop®.
A Complete Family of OB Dopplers.

Brand: Cooper Surgical USA Description

These handheld non-display dopplers have superior sound quality and accept the full line of non-directional LifeDop® probes. Rechargeable batteries and audio recording options are available on specific models.

LifeDop Probes.


All LifeDop obstetrical probes have built-in electronics that provide excellent sensitivity, complete interchangeability, and maximum durability. Choose the best probe for your application with the freedom to add additional probes in the future, all on the same unit.

2 MHz – This wide-angle beam is optimized for deep penetration for late term pregnancy and larger patients.

2 MHz Waterproof – Designed for water-assisted labor and delivery applications.

3 MHz – A general-purpose obstetrical probe for early fetal heartbeat detection through delivery. Wide-angle beam decreases time spent “hunting” for the heartbeat. Once fetal heart rate is detected, the sound is clearer than ever.

Part Numbers

L150-SD2 – LifeDop 150 with 2 MHz Probe.
L150-SD3 – LifeDop 150 with 3 MHz Probe.
L150-SDW – LifeDop 150 with 2 MHz Waterproof Probe.
L150A-SD2 – LifeDop 150 with Audio Recorder & 2 MHz Probe.
L150A-SD3 – LifeDop 150 with Audio Recorder & 3 MHz Probe.
L150A-SDW – LifeDop 150A 2 MHz Waterproof Audio Recorder.
L150R-SD2 – LifeDop 150 with 2 MHz Probe, Rechargeable.
L150R-SD3 – LifeDop 150 with 3 MHz Probe, Rechargeable.
L150R-SDW – LifeDop 150 with 2 MHz Waterproof Probe, Rechargeable.

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