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Radiation Protection Skirt & Vest Lead Aprons

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Brand: Protech – USA

Radiation Protection Lead Apron (2 Piece Skirt & Vest)

Be prepared for prolonged procedures with the maximum protection Vest Skirt Flexback apron. The two piece design shifts 70% of the weight directly to the hips, reducing back fatigue.

The vest features two 0.50mm Pb panels that create a 1.0mm overlap.

The skirt comes with a premium anti-slip fabric in the back which gives firm support and grip to the user.

Types of Core Material

We offer below core material for radiation protection.

Standard Lead.                            (Regular Weight Lead Apron)

Light Weight Lead.                     (Comparatively less weight then Standard Lead)

Lead Free Material.                   (Light Weight Radiation Protection Apron)

Premier Lead Free Material. (Lightest Weight Radiation Protection Apron)

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