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Radiation Protection Lead apron Full Wrap Around

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Brand: Oley – Turkey

Radiation Protection Lead Apron (Double sided)

  • Offering full protection Front & Back
  • Lead Equivalent: 0.5mm Front & 0.25mm Back. (Optional 0.35mm in the back)
  • 6″ wide padded Back Relief Belt included for extra support.
  • Padded shoulders offer added comfort.
  • Lockable clinch.
  • All Sizes available.
  • CE marked.
  • 2 – Year Warranty.

Types of Core Material

We offer below core material for these beautiful Turkish made radiation protection Aprons.

Standard Lead.                           
 (Regular Weight Lead Apron)

Light Weight Lead.                     (Comparatively less weight then Standard Lead)

Lead Free Material.                  
(Light Weight Radiation Protection Apron)




Yes Customized Lead Aprons can be provided with a range of fabrics and Embroidery.



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